Michael H. Lester, JD CPA



Job Duties:

Analyze clients' records and books of account and prepare federal and state income tax returns for individuals (including gift tax returns), partnerships, S-corporations and C-corporations, and trusts;
Assist in representing clients for IRS audits and advise clients on the correspondence with the IRS agent;
Analyze pension plan data and prepare pension trust accounting for third party pension administrator to prepare the pension plan tax returns;
Advise clients on tax deposit and payment procedures, due dates, and filing requirements for estimated tax payments and information form filings, such as Form 1099-MISC;
Provide in-depth research and advice on specialized accounting or tax regulations, such as the 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, final tangible property regulations, Affordable Care Act, and changes in tax laws that will affect our clients;
Provide tax planning and strategy development with professional estimates and judgments that minimize clients' tax liabilities, maximize cash flow and keep clients' companies on track toward financial goals;
Analyze financial reports and records, and monitor clients' fiscal health;
Analyze financial information, prepare journal entries, and do monthly bank reconciliations;
Review clients' general ledger accounts, prepare adjusting entries at year end and generate quarterly or annual financial reports, including: balance sheets, income statements, profit and loss of clients' organizations;
Classify, record, and analyze banking and securities transactions in various clients' portfolios and recommend necessary changes in portfolio;
Analyze clients' and company's overall financial state, identify trends, make recommendations and assist clients in making management and financial decisions;
Evaluate clients' new project and investment opportunities based on clients' current financial state;
Prepare and monitor clients' monthly actual and forecasted expenses, budget and cash flow forecasts and analysis.

Job Requirements:

1. Master's degree in Accounting, Finance or Applied Finance;
2. Must have knowledge of individual and business tax laws and regulations, including LLC/LLP structure and taxation and payroll taxes, and the knowledge of preparing business tax returns;
3. Must have knowledge in the underlying principles of portfolio, including: various asset classes analysis, asset allocation, alternative portfolio investment analysis, risk and return evaluation and performance measures;
4. Must have knowledge of cash flow analysis, financial valuation, investment or capital budgeting decisions, and working capital management issues.

To apply, e-mail resumes to hr@michael-lester.com for review  

Michael H. Lester, JD CPA
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